• Unwanted Robot

    Why am I seeing this page?

  • Why am I seeing this page?

    The VOSE Security Network has detected that your system could be a potential threat to our internal processes and as a result you have been redirected away from our sites. If you feel you have been redirected in error then please contact Shaun Ellerton for further details.

    Upon contacting Shaun Ellerton directly he will assess your request to be removed from our security systems by checking the security logs, determining exactly what the offense was and a decision will be made. Once that decision has been reached you will be notified and you will have no right to appeal.

    Upon requesting removal from our security system you may be asked to provide further details regarding this case and that information could affect the decision of your request.

    In order to contact Shaun Ellerton please use the following address: contact {at} shaunellerton.co.uk